Sunday, September 18, 2016

3 Chicks Kitchen

When 1 or 2 Chicks are not enough and 4 Chicks are just plain excessive....

3 Chicks Kitchen is one of those happy accidents that we cherish here at MenuManiacs HQ.  We have driven past this little gem quite a few times in the past.  One Sunday morning while we were trying to find a place for breakfast, everywhere we stopped had up to an hour long wait for a seat.  Then we remembered the little breakfast spot next to Sonic, and we decided to give 3 Chicks Kitchen a try.

3 Chicks Kitchen is located in a little strip mall just off 128th Avenue and Zuni in Broomfield.  Parking is free, plentiful, and directly in front of the building.  3 Chicks Kitchen is appropriately named since it began it's existence with three sisters.  Over time the sisters moved on to other ventures and the final sister sold the business to a great couple, Corey and Sandy Christman.  Corey and Sandy took a hard look at the menu and realized great improvements could be made.  For example, they are switching from frozen and pre-made items to homemade, fresh cooking.  They are looking to add some spice to the menu with a variety of chiles brought directly from Mexico for fresh made salsas.  Luckily, we were able to sample some the day we visited (check out our Instagram for pics of all the goodies).

Juice, Mimosa, Bloody Mary
After meeting and talking with Sandy, we realized it was imperative for us to come back for a proper review so we could showcase the amount of passion and care they put into their food.  The following week, we returned to 3 Chicks Kitchen with empty bellies and notebooks in hand. 

Chicken and Waffles
In typical MenuManiac fashion, we asked for their suggestions.  They recommended any of the six varieties of Benny's on their menu.  These are variations of eggs benedict.  The burritos are a customer favorite and the sandwiches are amazing; however, the one item they insisted on us trying was their chicken and waffles.  Not being fans of chicken and waffles, we smiled and said "that sounds great".  You should understand that up to this point, this dish has been viewed as an unholy alliance of dinner and breakfast foods.  Well, 3 Chicks changed our mind in this regard.  The waffle was crisp and fluffy, the fresh chicken tenders were tempura fried which allowed the breading to remain light and crispy while allowing the flavor of the fresh chicken to shine through.  The whole dish was drizzled with maple syrup and smothered in sausage gravy.  It was topped off with crumbled bacon on the top.  It sounds odd, but it works.  Holy schmokes, does it ever work. Yes, after eating this amazing meal, you will be doing extra sit-ups but we promise it is worth it.  We regret nothing!

Chicken Fried Steak
Let's take a moment and talk gravy.  3 Chicks Kitchen sports two kinds of sawmill gravy (that's a pan gravy made with dairy) one with sausage and one vegetarian.  We really have nothing bad to say about either of these.  Served over biscuits in the Southern Benny or smothering the chicken and waffles, we think you'll agree that it is good stuff.

Pancakes with Candied Walnuts
Their pancakes were also a suggestion by the owners.  Specifically their candied walnuts.  They are a little sweet and a little spicy with just a hint of cayenne pepper.  We ordered a short stack and the two pancakes took up the whole plate.  Just a small amount of butter and little syrup is all you need for this delicious item.

Corey and Sandy are still in the middle of revamping the restaurant.  In addition to a whole new menu, they are planning a variety of special events including everything from beer pairing dinners to drag shows.  Because so many of these events are only found in downtown Denver, we are very excited to have them in our area without having to head downtown.  We will post these events on our Facebook page in the future.

3 Chicks will also rent their space in the evenings for private events like rehearsal dinners or company gatherings.

They are open for breakfast and lunch and are a perfect spot for delicious, homemade food with fresh ingredients brimming with creativity. For all their wonderful food and excellent service, we awarded 3 Chicks Kitchen a fork, or maybe we need to add a spork? We continue to look forward to all the changes the Christman's are making to the restaurant.  We'll see you all soon!

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